Necessity is the mother of invention:
Funky Cat Induction Heaters was founded on that premise.
I found myself one day in the summer of 2020 realizing my 6 maturing plants were inundated with soot and ash from local wild fires. I needed to figure a way to be able to use the harvested flowers!
I decided to carefully wash the buds and extract kief using the dry ice method.
So there I was with pressed hash. "How am I going to smoke it"? I could go old school and use the two butter knifes on the stove or try the pin, cup and straw methods. I decided to jump on YouTube and see how people were partaking in the 21st century. Low and behold I discovered the Dynavap!
Also in that search I saw these really cool heating devices being used to heat the Dynavap. Induction heaters!!
I thought, "yeah, that's the way to go"! So I quickly started doing some research to see how much one would cost. $179 to $199! There was no way I could see myself spending that kind of money.
So back to YouTube. I stumbled upon a few people building their own crude induction heaters. I did a search for DIY induction heaters and was lead down the Reddit rabbit hole! LOL!
This is where I learned to build my own induction heater. So many great and not-so-great DIY builds there.
     After building a half dozen or so of these I decided I'd sell a few to recoup some money and pay for my own personal builds. Seeing the great responses received regarding my builds, I decided to turn my original necessity into a small business.
  Welcome to Funky Cat Induction Heaters.